What our Customers say...


I worked with SERVPRO on extensive water damage issues on my ceiling fixtures. Steven was extremely helpful in leading the project to get everything removed and reinstalled. I'd be happy to work with them again if the need arises!

The SERVPRO staff were very professional, friendly, and easy to work with in handling our water damage. Both the clean up and the restorative work was done well and in a timely way. We appreciated the service very much with a reasonable market price.

The SERVPRO team did an outstanding job at my house. Courteous, professional and on time.

SERVPRO was easy to work with, responsive and completed quotes and actual mitigation work efficiently and professionally. I couldn't be happier with the work Tyler and Sarah put into getting our project completed! Thank you SERVPRO!

We had a gallon of distilled water leak in a base cabinet in our laundry room. Our house is only 3 years old and this caused mold to grow in the cabinet and in a header beam in the basement. SERVPRO came out quickly and provided us a plan with an estimate. Scheduling the service was easy and they were in and out quickly. We had a really good experience with SERVPRO and now piece of mind that mold will not be spreading in our near new home.

Great service with fast and dependable results. Thank you so much for the professional clean up and recovery.

We experienced a flood in our basement and filed a claim with our insurance carrier. We called several remediation companies before calling SERVPRO, all of them came out, provided a quote and let us know when they could get back to us even though we had water and dirt piled on our floor. I finally called SERVPRO. When SERVPRO showed up to give an estimate, not only did they show up immediately to give us an estimate, they showed up with equipment to dry and clean the mess. Knowing that we had filed a claim with our insurance, they required no initial deposit to get started. They were more concerned with making sure we didn’t grow mold, and the damage from the flood did not get worse. They came out the next day that I called them, keep in mind I called them on a weekend, and after hours. They were responsive, professional, and Sarah went out of her way to make sure that we knew, every step of the way, what was being done. We appreciate SERVPRO more than we can say. Thank you.

I’ve used SERVPRO a few times now and each time they have been professional, thorough, and respectful. I think of them every time a situation arises due to their dependability and the success I’ve had with them. The crews have been friendly and have made each experience a positive one! Thank you, SERVPRO!

The SERVPRO team lead and office staff were helpful, honest, and courteous during a very stressful basement flood.

SERVPRO was very fast at making an assessment, giving us an estimate and follow up.
Jim the owner stood by his word and charged us exactly what he quoted. I really appreciate an honest business. They did a great job of removing the carpet and pad. Cleaned up all the mold with a great crew. They were fast and efficient. If you’re in a dilemma call SERVPRO. I had 3 estimates and they were the Best!

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

Awesome crew!

Excellent and quick water mitigation service. Would highly recommend this company.

We had a partial basement flooding from a malfunctioning downspout. The SERVPRO crew arrived within 48 hours of the water damage and completely took over cleaning and removal of water and debris from the basement. They were pleasant and efficient and took care to make sure we were aware of everything they did.

SERVPRO was a fantastic choice, very professional, friendly, quality job performance! A job I could not accomplish by myself. Highly recommend!

The service was prompt, organized, and efficient. The crew members worked industriously as a team and were polite and affable throughout. The leaders explained the problems and the solutions. The work was accomplished quickly and done well.

SERVPRO helped us get our home back to normal. They did high quality work and were courteous. They were very responsive and acted quickly when it was urgent...I would highly recommend SERVPRO.

The SERVPRO team were very attentive and had great follow-up with our water mitigation needs. They helped us keep our unfortunate situation under control and definitely saved us a lot of money in restoration costs.

The team came to mitigate damage from a leak in my basement due to a sump pump that failed. The crew efficiently packed up items in the finished part of the basement, placed fans and heaters at strategic points to dry the carpet and prevent further damage, and monitored the situation along the way. With advice from a builder who had installed bookshelves in that part of the basement, the SERVPRO team drilled holes in the baseboard and dried out that area as well.

Was referred to SERVPRO, called and a Rep was to the house 3 days later. Got estimate in a timely manner. Called to scheduled work to done and was told they could be to the house the following week. Cleanup was done in a timely manner. Very professional as far set up and tear down. Would definitely recommend them.

The crew was extremely fast and efficient. They had fans and dehumidifiers set up and running within just a few hours. The guys were also very nice and polite.

Prompt and helpful - took care of a water situation quickly. Very thankful!

They were quick to answer our request and came out the next morning. A huge army of folks tore out the carpet and cut exactly the right amount of drywall. Left fans and dehumidifiers over the weekend and got them exactly on cue on Monday morning. Quality work done fast!

“The SERVPRO team provided me with a free emergency readiness plan for my business that I hope I never need but am now incredibly glad that I have. On the off-chance anything ever goes wrong I now know where all the key shutoffs are and have a plan that I can easily share out with other people if I'm not around.”

I called immediately when I discovered a water supply line gasket had failed in a bathroom toilet, sending water out into the main floor and down into the refinished basement. SERVPRO was extremely professional, having a team at my home within two hours on a weekend. They were thorough and made sure to measure the moisture levels in all areas, used the right equipment to dry out the wet areas and then monitored the situation daily throughout the week. Their prompt and thorough response helped us avoid a lot more damage. Thank you for the service!

"I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone that needs their kind of services. They were extremely thorough and helpful!"

We had to call SERVPRO after our sump failed and flooded our basement. SERVPRO came out, cleaned up the remaining water and started drying out the carpeted areas. Fans and dehumidifiers were set up for almost a week and SERVPRO came out daily to check on the area. Sarah and Brandon made the whole process stress-free.

Highly recommend! Sarah was helpful with coordination, and the team did a great job. To get to the mold, they had to remove granite countertops, which they did without breaking them. The whole process was easy. Thanks!

Our water damage was handled in a very timely, professional, and courteous fashion. 100% satisfied with all aspects of our experience with the SERVPRO team!

We had some flood water in our basement and they successfully got it dried out. Thanks

The team from SERVPRO did a great job of removing water damaged flooring on my 3 season porch. They were quick and efficient and a pleasure to have. I would recommend SERVPRO west!

We hired SERVPRO to clean a residential property that had become unlivable. By the time they were finished, the house was absolutely spotless and smelled like a brand new home! They truly went above and beyond. The staff that I dealt with were very warm and professional. I highly recommend this company.

Thank you, SERVPRO of Dane County West for expertly cleaning up another basement mess! 

Responsive to my questions, flexible, and fast at getting work done with good quality!

I have nothing but great things to say about SERVPRO! I had a horrible water incident that was a nightmare! They came to my rescue and were kind and considerate when dealing with my anxiety! Thank you so much!

SERVPRO is attentive, immediate response time and impeccable craftsmanship when it comes to remodeling!!
It was a Sunday afternoon in the beginning of April 2022 when our pipe burst in the basement sending me into a panic. Normally when your basement floods it’s a crisis but this was monumental as I was 3 weeks from my due date all of our baby stuff was in the room where the pipe burst. To make matters worse it came through the shared wall to our bedroom which was all set up for baby as well. I frantically searched the web for mitigation teams and found SERVPRO hoping they were open on Sunday's and someone could help us. To my amazement both were true. They arrived at our house 2 hours after the chaos and immediately got to work with mitigation. They were amazing!! Cleaned up all the water and mold that happened and did a remodel as well. I was nervous about how long the cleanup and remodel would take but they worked us into their schedule and worked tirelessly to complete the whole job in 3 weeks before baby came.
I am beyond thrilled with our remodeled room! Highly recommend SERVPRO!!

I had a garage fire at the end of May. After my adjuster came out to review the damage the garage needed to be boarded up. SERVPRO was out within the hour with 3 people to board up the garage. Once the garage could be reopened they were out there the next day with fans and air purifiers. They did a excellent job and I was incredible thankful for Sarah's help and guidance. I would recommend them.

As I'm sure is the nature of the industry, we had an emergency situation related to a septic system backing up. SERVPRO had people at our house quickly. The crew was courteous and professional and good at what they did. Sarah kept us updated on the work schedule. We couldn't be happier with our experience with them.

A SERVPRO representative came out and assessed the damage in our house. A crew was quickly dispatched to begin water remediation. There was clear communication about what was needed. We were confident and pleased with the quality of work they did.
Chris in Argyle, WI

On a scale of 1 to 10 we gave SERVPRO of Dane County West a ten. The SERVPRO office staff & production team was courteous, polite and helpful throughout the duration of the job! I highly recommend SERVPRO of Dane County West in Verona, WI

I have used SERVPRO a few times and they have always been so responsive, on time, and very professional! Highly recommend them for any of your needs!

Very responsive and good communication.

Water damage happened on a weekend night and they were there to help within the hour. Quick and professional. Sent all information and pictures to my insurance company making the process much easier. Would recommend SERVPRO of Dane County West again.

A pipe broke in our home which caused a flood that affected all three floors of our home. We called SERVPRO and Brandon and his team came out early the next morning to assess the damage and begin the clean-up and drying process. Brandon was very professional, smart, detail oriented, and thoroughly answered all of our questions. In addition, his crew was excellent! They all worked together as a team, were positive and upbeat, and they covered all of our floors to protect them before beginning the clean-up work. We are so grateful that SERVPRO could help us, and they did an exceptional job from start to finish! Thank you, SERVPRO of Dane County West!

Sometimes people turn on the faucet in the bathroom and fall asleep, and then when the next person goes in there….surprise! Not only was our bathroom flooded but it “rained” down into the basement. Thank you so much to the whole crew for handling our situation with promptness and professionalism but most of all kindness. You were even nice to my dogs and cats! I trusted you with my project and my house. Even though it’s not over yet, I have full confidence!!!! I appreciate you all at SERVPRO of Dane County West!!

Extremely nice people to work with. Fast, hard, pleasant in all respects. Would high recommend to anyone. 

SERVPRO of Dane County West was here within one day and did a quick and much needed cleanup. They are now in the middle of rebuilding.

A coworker of mine recommended SERVPRO of Dane County West after my basement floor drain backed up and left a small but icky (sewage) mess on the concrete floor. SERVPRO was able to come out the same day I called to assess the situation, they returned an estimate within 36 hours, and then I was able to schedule them within 2 business days to come and take care of the clean up. Not only are they professional and responsive, but they did a wonderful job and my basement is now mess-free (and smell-free). I'm so grateful! I would highly recommend this company to anyone in a similar situation.

My ice-maker hose leaked and water traveled through the grout between the ceramic tiles destroying the kitchen floor and the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom. SERVPRO of Dane County West responded quickly and Brandon assessed the damage and brought in industrial fans, dehumidifiers and drying mats to complete the dry out process.

Steve supervised the rebuild, repainted the bathroom after the drywall was installed, and removed the ceramic tiles in the kitchen. He insured that the new kitchen floor looked better than ever. Both men were very skillful, easy to work with, and responsive to my concerns.

Sarah assisted with scheduling, coordinated with my insurance, and kept things running smoothly. Thanks to all who assisted with bringing this project to a successful conclusion. I would recommend SERVPRO of Dane County West without reserve.

I had a small kitchen fire and needed the walls, cabinets, and ceiling washed. SERVPRO of Dane County West did and excellent job and was easy to work with. They were very professional and quick to respond. The quality of their work was excellent.

SERVPRO did a great job on mitigating water damage from a leaking appliance. They came out very fast after calling and were able to minimize damage done. Thank you!

SERVPRO of Dane County West does great work. Had water damage from a leaky pipe and the speed, professionalism, and quality of repair work were top notch.

Sometimes people turn on the faucet in the bathroom and fall asleep, and then when the next person goes in there….surprise! Not only was our bathroom flooded but it “rained” down into the basement. Thank you so much to the whole crew for handling our situation with promptness and professionalism but most of all kindness. You even were nice to my dogs and cats! I trusted you with my project and my house. Even though it’s not over yet, I have full confidence!!!! I appreciate you all!! ??

Brandon and Crew did a fantastic job! They were professional and on time and made a stressful situation much better!


The crew was outstanding and did what had to be done. Everything was carefully explained. Excellent Service! Brandon and his crew were enjoyable to work with. They did a great job and made a horrible experience almost fun. Thank you! 

Brandon was kind and professional and was great at explaining everything to us. He helped us figure out what else needed to be done and gave us recommendations we could look into which we appreciated since we were clueless. He seemed genuinely concerned for us, our home, and our finances. He was always helpful and was flexible with our schedule.

Mold remediation was evaluated and discussed. Service of mold remediation was performed. Images showing before and after were helpful to me to see the work progress performed. Clean up after work performed was done well.

We had a water leak into a lower-level office space, and the crew did a great job of assessing the problem and implementing a solution to get things dried up. Great work!

Came over right away, walked us through the process, and addressed all our concerns.

SERVPRO of Dane County did clean up from a water leak at my home. They came the same day I called. Their work was exceptional. They knew exactly what to do and did it efficiently. Their equipment dries everything completely. The carpet and pad are not left damp they are dry! They make sure any wood involved is completely dry. I recommend SERVPRO of Dane County for carpet cleaning as well. The office staff and the team that came to my home were very professional!

The team came out to help clean up right away. The service was professional and explained the steps they were taking. They kept in communication on the process of the cleanup and provided plenty of information. I would highly recommend.

A huge shout out to Brenda, Jim, and Sarah for saving my seller when mold was discovered in the attic during a home inspection. They were prompt to assess the damage and 3 days later they were able to start the remediation process. Everyone is so knowledgeable, professional and they kept us in the loop every step of the way. Thank you SERVPRO! I look forward to referring more people your way.

Awesome company! Extremely professional, friendly, and left you with the impression that they cared and were passionate in what they do! Would highly recommend. Reasonably priced and quick to respond. Thank you!

SERVPRO came out to help me get my basement fixed up after a pipe burst. Their customer service and work was outstanding! My basement and garage look better than they did before the pipe burst. Thank you so much for helping my family through this!!

Great people and quality work. Highly recommend!

SERVPRO of Dane County West was great to work with! They were very quick and responsive, they worked seamlessly with our insurance company, and we didn't have to worry about a thing. They were great to work with, from start to finish. Thank you!

SERVPRO is always professional and timely. They have also helped me with Covid cleanings, and I've been completely blown away by their expertise. They always follow up - I wish every service could be like this.

Great place for your fire/water restoration needs, the owner Jim and his crew are great. Highly recommend this place.

SERVPRO was prompt, professional, and gave me peace of mind after a recent sewer back-up issue. They had great communication and appreciated all of their hard work to get our house back to normal.

I had a burst water pipe in my kitchen while I was away. When I came home I reported it to my insurance and in a few hours, SERVPRO of Dane County West was over with a crew and lots of water removal equipment. They worked hard, communicated well, and were very thorough in their inspections and remediation. I recommend them highly. The crew chief (Brandon) was very knowledgeable and helpful.

We had some water/sewage damage late on a Saturday evening. We called SERVPRO, and within hours a crew was on-site to assess and begin the cleanup process. The team was professional and worked directly with my insurance company on the claim. Very happy with our decision to work with SERVPRO of Dane County West, and highly recommend them.

We had a small mold situation in our basement laundry room. SERVPRO responded very quickly, isolated the area, determined the source, removed the mold with all precautions to contain it, and were clean and courteous.

We had water damage from the first floor. SERVPRO was able to come over the same night and start drying things out. They made me feel like they had the disaster under control. Overall I was kept in the loop on the process and liked the serv pro team members I worked with. Communication of timelines and goals for projects during rebuild could have been better, but overall had a good experience and am happy with the floor replacement.

Professional and punctual. We had a pinhole leak in a pipe in our finished basement. SERVPRO came out and did what was necessary to mitigate the area. They removed baseboards and damaged drywall, dried things out over the span of a couple of days, and took care of some black mold that they discovered. Highly recommended.

No one wants to have to call a company to clean up after a flood. We had a minor sewer back up in our home. It was awful. Who you end up having to help you is critical for your peace of mind, health of your family, and for the house itself. SERVPRO came out quickly, took the time to help us understand each step, checked their work, and did an amazing job. While I hope to never have to call them again, I'm glad to know that if I need help, I'll know who to call.

SERVPRO did the most amazing job with my mother's home. It was a hazardous environment and they handled it quickly and professionally and were so incredibly thorough. They were cautious with everything they got rid of that could have been contaminated and the place looked brand new when we were able to move her back in. We highly recommend them!

Thank you so much for the work you did for us. The crew did an outstanding job!  Please pass this message along to the crew leader and his crew. I would recommend you guys to everyone. 

Really enjoyed working with Keegan. Straight forward and the team did great work. No complaints and a shout out to the Office Manager, Sarah, who answered each time I called. Stellar customer service. Thanks all at SERVPRO of Dane County West!

Brandon was very helpful and team members were very prompt and kind. 

We were left without services by another company on a move-out cleaning with the final walk-through in just a few hours and SERVPRO of Dane County West was fantastic. Sarah was ready, willing, and able to help us get a crew for the cleaning last minute. Their team arrived 20 minutes later and saved the day. We are very grateful to their team, they did a thorough job on a last minute timeline at a reasonable price. We highly recommend their franchise and services.

Very quick to respond, kept the price to the quoted amount, answered all questions asked.  I would definitely recommend SERVPRO of Dane County West. 

We have used SERVPRO twice. We called SERVPRO on the night before Easter due to water damage in our brand new home. I received a return call that night and had equipment at my house on Easter Sunday. The insurance process is extremely easy. Staff is very understanding of homeowner stress due to water damage. We couldn't be happier with the final product. It was like it never happened. I recommend SERVPRO of Dane County West to anyone that mentions they need help with water damage.

Very quick to come out and help with water remediation, very communicative, and prompt. Would recommend overall.  


We had a relatively small leak around our bathtub. They got everything dried out, checking on the progress regularly and even pointed us towards the likely source of the problem which had a simple DIY fix. I would definitely call again.

Washing machine flooded our second story laundry room and SERVPRO came right away. Handled the remediation and repair work. Everyone was great to work with - the office staff, remediation team, and repair team. We are very pleased with the results and would definitely recommend SERVPRO of Dane County West!

We have had to use Serve Pro twice now for emergency water in the basement. Both times they responded fast and were thorough and professional. They stayed in touch until everything was complete. I would highly recommend and call them again (but I hope not to anytime soon!)

Working in an insurance office, I have had the pleasure of working with SERVPRO of Dane County West on a number of occasions. They do an amazing job from start to finish! Highly recommend them :)

A SERVPRO crew was at our house within an hour after they were called. I don't know what we would have done by ourselves and they knew just what to do and had necessary equipment like water vacuums, fans, and dehumidifiers. A toilet tank had cracked and sprayed water nonstop with most of it going down a heat vent into the ceiling in the basement and some soaking into our bedroom carpeting upstairs. We had a lake in the basement and Niagara Falls coming down almost all over the ceiling down there. They moved furniture, tore out soppy carpeting, checked areas for hidden water, and then got things dried out in about four days. We are having them also do our restore work as they know the situation and can organize the various projects that need to be done.

A huge thank you to SERVPRO of Dane County West for their fast response in getting us dried out! They were absolutely amazing to work with - highly recommend if you experience any water damage. We had a few other angels, too, who helped us turn this around as fast as we did. It all just worked out perfectly. Thank you all!

Thank you to SERVPRO of Dane County West for disinfecting our squads! 

Thank you so much to Brenda and her crew at SERVPRO of Dane County West for the donation of their time and supplies to clean and disinfect all of our fire department vehicles!

We want to give a HUGE thank you to SERVPRO of Dane County West for disinfecting each one of our squads at no cost! The cleaning that Brenda, Heather, and Cindy did earlier this morning is truly appreciated. Thank you, Heather and Jim McEllistrem for your very kind donation!

Thank you for sanitizing all of our apparatus.  Your generosity is appreciated by all of us! 

A handwritten note sent to us and signed by the Middleton Firefighters

The Cross Plains Police Department would like to thank SERVPRO of Dane County West for donating their time and equipment to disinfect our squad cars. They used a disinfectant that will continue to work proactively.

Your example of kindness gives meaning and value to our lives as police officers help raise up above our troubles and battles. Thank you, we sincerely appreciate your kind gesture.

SERVPRO of Dane County West came out immediately to mitigate water damage when our sump pump failed back in March. They were great to work with. Restoration work hasn’t been scheduled yet because the Stay at Home order was put in place right when it was time to put everything back in order, but we do intend to work with them for the restoration.

The response was immediate. SERVPRO of Dane County West knew just how to handle the situation and took care of the problem and then returned and repaired the damage. Very professional and a pleasure to work with, highly recommend! 

SERVPRO of Dane County West was great to work with, knowledgeable, and very professional. 

The crew did a great job cleaning and Drying the home and keep us in the loop with everything they were doing - Great job!

We had a house fire in the middle of the night just one day before we had to leave for a trip to visit our daughter in San Diego. SERVPRO of Dane County West was here the next morning to take charge of the cleanup while we were gone. When we returned the next week the house was immaculate, all our clothing, our bedding, curtains, carpets.....everything was clean and clothes were on hangars. There was NO smell of smoke in the house either. SERVPRO did an absolutely excellent job for us and we are happy to give them a top-notch recommendation!

We recently had a water issue at our home and we were trying to decide which company to use. After talking to the different companies we decided to go with SERVPRO of Dane county west. Same day they came and assessed the damage and immediately got to work. Jim was very easy to work with and they communicated directly with insurance to make it seamless. We found the employees to be courteous kind and prompt. They did a great job and we would not hesitate to use them again.

When you have a sewer that backs up and floods your house, you can't possibly imagine that it will ever all be cleaned up. SERVPRO of Dane County West was there immediately and had the entire mess cleaned up by the time I got home from work. I was amazed by the service, the follow-through, and all of the communication that we with SERVPRO in regards to the insurance claim. Highly recommend - FIVE STARS!

I have had a great experience while talking to the owners as well as the Business Development Manager, Brenda! Great company.  They are very prompt while handling restoration for our clients. 

SERVPRO of Dane County West did an excellent job for us when a water pipe burst and let water flood the first floor and poured into the basement.  They were right out there with fans, dehumidifiers, etc. to mitigate the damage to prevent mold, etc.  They have also been extremely helpful to me after the initial period when I have been doing follow-up restoration.  Always friendly and quick with answers. 

We had a slow leak in our dishwasher that soaked through all of our subfloor and under our cabinets.  The two guys that came out to evaluate the damage and help us get it dried were very thorough in their evaluation and gave us advice on getting it fixed on a budget since insurance wasn't paying for it.  Very friendly staff. 

Great company! Especially Sarah in the office who is very, very helpful! 

We had a bit of an unfortunate incident on Sunday with a little sewer backup.  The good news is that SERVPRO of Dane County West came to the rescue immediately and had the bathroom, basement, and carpeting all torn out and everything cleaned by the time I got home from work on Monday! I'm thankful for the fine folks at SERVPRO of Dane County West for making a stinky situation a little less stinky.  Thank you! #silverlining #fivestars

SERVPRO was great to work with, and they had a QUICK response time to assist with an appliance leak. They were professional to work with!

I have used SERVPRO of Dane County West services twice this past year for water damage (bad luck this year!). Their professionals were timely, kind, and hard-working.  They explained everything that they were doing and gave a timeline of how long it would take for the water damage to dry.  I hope that I don't need their services again, but should I have an issue I know who to turn to. 

I had a collapsed ceiling due to an upstairs bathroom leak.  SERVPRO of Dane County West came to mitigate the problem really quickly and did a great job. Workers were kind and careful with furnishings. 

We were very happy with SERVPRO's prompt response.  The team was very knowledgeable, professional and they were always on time for their visits. 

I was very impressed by how prompt SERVPRO was.  The communication was great and I felt very comfortable with the process! 

Professional and Thorough! Thank you! 

The SERVPRO of Dane County West crew was very professional and communicated to me on a regular basis throughout the process of drying my home.  I highly recommend SERVPRO. 

I had a great experience using SERVPRO of Dane County West to help clean up a leaking pipe to mitigate any mold and rotted wood.  They were professional, quick and left everything better than what it was before.  I would recommend using them and would use them again if needed. 

I had SERVPRO of Dane County West take care of some mold.  Austin was wonderful, very pro-active in looking for the problem and solving it.  Great service and very nice people.  Thank you for everything!  I will recommend you in a heartbeat. 

Great team came to our home and did a fantastic job. They were very sensitive to our material that we had to sort through. Very patient and helpful!

SERVPRO of Dane County West did a great job for me and Sarah is awesome in the office!!! I would use them again.

SERVPRO of Dane County West was simply amazing to work with... PROMPT, FRIENDLY, HELPFUL, EDUCATIONAL and FLEXIBLE. Top notch service.

Being an insurance agent and having a water claim of my own I can tell you that I would not want anyone but Jim and Heather's team doing the clean up job. Excellent Customer service from start to finish!

Heather and Jim at SERVPRO of Dane County West are great to work with! They have responded quickly to every situation our office has referred to them. I really appreciate them communicating what is going on each step of the process.

Jim, Heather and team are wonderful to work with. They respond quickly and work efficiently. We have referred several clients to their office and will continue to do so.

These folks are the best - always willing to be there. 

Heather and her team at SERVPRO of Dane County West are the best at what they do in Dane County.  They help people in some of the worst times of their lives and help make it right.  They are the only company that I would send people to if they experienced fire, water, mold or storm damage. 

SERVPRO of Dane County West is so helpful!  They are always just a phone call away! I've referred several people to them after catastrophic flooding this past summer. 

SERVPRO of Dane County West was simply amazing to work with...PROMPT, FRIENDLY, HELPFUL, EDUCATIONAL and FLEXIBLE. Top notch service. 

Thank you for all your great work!  

SERVPRO of Dane County West and the owners, Jim and Heather, are two of the nicest people. Not only are they professional and responsive, but maintain a sense of calm in stressful situations.  I highly recommend them for a myriad of reasons. 

Thanks so much for a job well done.  I really appreciate it. 

Thank you for everything! All true professionals - just great! Thank you, Sarah! 

Thanks for all your help with our flooding.  You were great to work with!

SERVPRO of Dane County West and the owners Jim and Heather have done a wonderful job for the many clients I have referred to them. "Responsive", " so helpful and kind", and "hard working" are just a few of the comments I have received about their service. SERVPRO usually shows up when life is stressful--flooding, mold, fire--not fun stuff...I cannot think of better people to call than Jim and Heather when life throws you a curve ball. Highly recommend their service.

We had a lot of flood damage. the Sevrpro guys worked very hard and efficiently. The estimate was spot on and I would recommend this company to anyone. Very pleased

Brandon, thank you for all you have done.I don't know how I could have gotten through all this without your help. You have been patient, knowledgeable, and instrumental in getting my house back together. 

We thank you and your crew for determining we were being covered in mold in our closet.  Also, your company came back following your initial inspection and removed all the mold affected drywall and insulation.  Thank you so much! 

Thank you for everything, Brandon! You and your team at SERVPRO of Dane County West have been absolutely wonderful! 

If you are in need of a professional service to help dry you out from all these floods, we had a great experience with SERVPRO of Dane County West out of Verona, WI. 

Keep up the great work SERVPRO of Dane County West! Madison needs your help more than normal.  It is hard seeing everyone going through this rough time. It is not easy, but everyone pulling together helps. 

SERVPRO of Dane County West sure does a good job! 

The Owners of SERVPRO of Dane County West, Jim and Heather, are top notch!  Integrity is the first word that comes to my mind. 

I was extremely satisfied with the work performed by SERVPRO of Dane County West at my residence.  Their first visit was to resolve water related issues to carpet and drywall.  The staff was fast, efficient, polite and friendly.  The second visit was to put everything back in order: drywall replacement, carpet pad, touch-up paint and furniture return.  I was very pleased to see two of the guys from the first visit return as I had full confidence in them.  They did not disappoint.  They did a great job and were particularly sensitive to my requests.  Sarah and Jim at the office were also very helpful. 

I don't wish a bad situation on anyone but if one occurs, I highly recommend calling SERVPRO of Dane County West.  When I called my insurance company to report the incident, the first thing they said was to call SERVPRO.  I told them I already did.  I don't know if all SERVPRO offices are this good but SERVPRO of Dane County West is.  Thank you to all.  

If I could rate this company and the owners higher than a 5 star I would. I lost my home to a house fire and about the only thing I was able to retrieve was a oil painting of my father. It smelled awful so I turned to Heather at SERVPRO of Dane County West in Verona. She was able to get the smell out after using their ozone chamber. So thankful for her efforts and unbelievable customer service. Highly recommend to anyone that needs fire or water restoration.

Jim and Heather and their team do it right -- they are customer-focused, diligent, responsive, and respectful.  I recommend anyone facing a water or fire issue or other restoration need contact SERVPRO of Dane County West. 

SERVPRO of Dane County West was quick to respond and did a thorough job drying out our basement.  They were professional, friendly, and efficient. I would highly recommend them. Thanks! 

If you ever experience fire, water and/or mold damage and you find yourself in a pinch, contact SERVPRO of Dane County West. I can't say enough about the owners and their company. 

SERVPRO of Dane County West is owned by a local family dedicated to helping other local family dedication to helping other local families in a time of need.  They place response time, compassion, empathy, and quality as their highest priorities for the business in helping families deal with the damage. They also take great pride in helping businesses be prepared for emergencies with the ERP program. I highly recommend their services and keeping the number handy at home and at the office. 

I want to first thank Keegan and his team for all their help! He was professional, reassuring, and patient. We cannot say enough about the support we received from Keegan during a terrible time. Again, praises to you and your team for the peace of mind you have given our family. Your team saved the day!

If you are looking for honest professionals that will get the job done right, SERVPRO of Dane County West will get the job done right.  These are the people you want to call and get the situation cleaned up right the first time.  If you need to make sure you're ready for the unexpected they can also help with an Emergency READY plan for your commercial property at no charge. 

In the unfortunate event that you incur fire or water damage to your residence or business, I highly recommend reaching out to SERVPRO of Dane County West to take care of the cleanup and restoration.  They can also mitigate mold and mildew from your home or business.  Their goal is to help minimize the interruption to your life and quickly make it "Like it never even happened." 

You will feel taken care of with SERVPRO of Dane County West. They are a family owned business that does an excellent job of making sure they have a comprehensive plan of your home or business in case of an emergency. They truly care about their customers and it shows with their level of communication and expertise. I highly recommend them!

SERVPRO of Dane County West was referred to me by my insurance agent when the first floor of my house flooded. The technicians who came in to diagnose the problem were very professional, knowledgeable and proactive. They deployed many dryers and removed many old, damaged layers of flooring in my kitchen. When they left, the job site (my precious kitchen!) was very clean. The owner was onsite supervising and was very helpful and knowledgeable coordinating with my insurance company. I love that the owners are involved in the community and local chambers. Strongly recommend their services!

The SERVPRO of Dane County West crew are awesome and located in Verona. Call them at 608-497-3331.

I appreciate the professionalism and promptness SERVPRO of Dane County West gives. It is a family owned business with a great reputation and service. I would not hesitate to recommend this company.

I have been an insurance agent for 10+ years and I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend clients to Heather and Jim at SERVPRO of Dane County West. They always go above and beyond for clients and are on top of the situation. I also like how they have excellent communication skills. This allows for clients to know what is going on. In a possible stressful situation they help remove the anxiety with a water loss or fire. If there is an emergency in your home or business I have the confidence they will get the job done right and as quickly as possible.

Everything was great! SERVPRO of Dane County West was very professional, very helpful and pleasant to work with!

I keep SERVPRO of Dane County West's magnet on my refrigerator for any future emergencies; makes me feel much more secure! 

Madison, one of the best places on the planet...SERVPRO, one of the best companies ever! Reliable, efficient, and outstanding response to our emergency call about water damage in our new condo. 

The SERVPRO of Dane County West staff are more than professional and they are more than willing to go out of their way to accommodate your situation. I always recommend them to my friends and family. 

After a leak in our refrigerator, we were so thankful that SERVPRO of Dane County West came, pulled out the damaged flooring, and got fans and dehumidifiers going to dry any remaining water.  After my children accidentally changed the settings on the dehumidifier, they promptly returned my phone call to talk me through resetting the machine.  Very friendly and helpful, and worked seamlessly with our insurance agent. Thank you!

Very happy with the excellent customer service we received during a difficult time!  SERVPRO of Dane County West staff worked with me over the phone while I was several states away on vacation while also working with my brother who was taking care of the house while we were away.  They worked well with my insurance company as well! 

Heather, from SERVPRO of Dane County West, is WONDERFUL!! They came into my business to set up a free ERP (Emergency Ready Profile). This has brought much peace of mind and it was so easy! They were attentive, responsive, and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone!!

I highly recommend SERVPRO of Dane County West! They have helped a number of my clients! 

SERVPRO of Dane County West is fabulous! They came to my rescue in a timely manner when we spotted some brown staining in the attic space of a home. They were able to mitigate the issue to the Buyer's and Seller's satisfaction and everyone was pleased. They are my go to! I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Dane County West to my clients! 

SERVPRO of Dane County West was very prompt and courteous in communicating with me. They were also very helpful to me even though I didn't need their services. Would use them if needed!

I have first hand knowledge of the crew's extensive training (IICRC) and can attest to their dedication. As a 24 hour fire and water emergency services and rebuild business, easing and restoring the customer's loss is their utmost concern. 

Our clients (real estate) had recently purchased a home where there were harmful substances in the attic. We suggested that they reach out to SERVPRO of Dane County West where they received prompt attention and quick and convenient service around taking care of the harmful substances. We'll be sure to refer any personal and client needs to SERVPRO of Dane County West. 

We've referred several people to SERVPRO of Dane County West and every time they have over delivered and made a difference. They respond quickly to emergency situations that people are going through. They keep you in communication through the whole remediation process. If you have water damage, smoke damage, fire, etc. give them a call. 

Thanks for all your help SERVPRO of Dane County West crew! 

My experience with SERVPRO of Dane County West was outstanding. Imagine coming home on a Saturday to the most horrific sewer smell coming from my basement only to discover that the septic had backed up into our home from the storm. The SERVPRO owners sent 2 professionals over and had everything cleaned up in a matter of hours. They worked extremely hard and efficiently in some disgusting conditions and in addition to all of that they were polite and showed concern for our home. I happily would have paid double for the service they provided. In addition they left some equipment to finish the job after they left and I received a call from the office indicating what day and time they were planning to pick up the equipment. Seems like a small thing, but with a busy schedule and kids the attention to detail made all the difference. When we received our bill it had a hand written note from the franchise owner. Needless to say I was impressed with the entire experience and would most definitely recommend SERVPRO of Dane County.

I was very happy with the service I received from SERVPRO of Dane County West. They did a great job dealing with a small fire in my kitchen. They removed all smoke and soot from ceilings, walls and other surfaces. Cleaned and sanitized all areas that were damaged from the fire. They also made my kitchen odor-free again. The workers were friendly and worked efficiently. I highly recommend them and will recommend them to anyone in the future. 

Dear Jim and the SERVPRO of Dane County Team,

Thank you for coming on Friday to our house to check my room for mold. Mommy and Daddy are sleeping better about me sleeping in my room because of your visit. 

Thanks again,


We had water everywhere in our kitchen due to a broken dishwasher. SERVPRO of Dane County West responded fast and water was quickly removed. After the water was removed, drying equipment was immediately put in place. The SERVPRO team was calm and very helpful. I highly recommend them! 

Jim and the staff at SERVPRO of Dane County West were wonderful to work with. We would highly recommend them to friends and family!

I can vouch for these guys - they are awesome!! Jim and Heather will treat you right. 

My husband and I experienced a water claim on March 15th that involved a water pipe freezing and bursting which caused massive amounts of water to spill-out on our main level and rain down into our basement. SERVPRO was at our home within 45 minutes of making the call with their team and equipment. Before they left that night they had carpet ripped out, our valuables moved and things stabilized. They continued to come back daily to help with the clean-up and removal of personal property and placement of the dehumidifiers and fans as needed. They were extremely professional, compassionate and proficient to say the least. Jim and Heather run a wonderful operation and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again if need be (knock on wood) or recommend them to a friend.

The SERVPRO of Dane County staff were courteous, polite and very helpful explaining the process of drying our flooded basement. They helped ease our worries about future mold issues and did a great job. I would definitely recommend SERVPRO of Dane County West. 

After finding water everywhere in our kitchen and into our basement due to a faulty dishwasher, we called the SERVPRO of Dane County West crew to help.  They were efficient and knowledgeable. Water was quickly extracted and drying equipment was immediately put in place. They made a stressful situation so much easier to get through.

I can't say enough about the service this business provides. From the incredible job they did cleaning up after water damage to the courteous staff and personal touches from their office. Our experience with SERVPRO of Dane County West was exception. I would highly recommend them to friends and family. 

I recently had SERVPRO of Dane County West to my home after having water damage to my finished lower level...ugh! They responded to my call right away and were over the next day to assess damages. They put my mind at ease as to what things I could keep and what things would see effects of water damage down the road. The process with SERVPRO of Dane County West was very easy and professional. I felt that I could take care of my own business and let them take over. I have dealt with a lot of contractors over the last 20 years being in the real estate field and I highly recommend them to any of my family, friends and past clients. Truly a great experience in not such an easy time for myself and family. Thank you Heather & Jim and the SERVPRO team! 

Jim and the staff at SERVPRO of Dane County West were wonderful to work with. We would highly recommend them to friends and family! 

This company was great efficient and honestly I would use their services again without a doubt. I will mention the company again to any one I know needing these services. Very satisfied and pleased thanks again.

I can't thank you guys enough for the fabulous job you did on my basement clean up! You were so kind, prompt, and professional and did a great job. I have already given your name out to several friends and family in case they will ever need your services and I will continue to do so.

I just wanted to thank you for your great work helping us with our flooded guest house. It was a very stressful time and having you and your excellent service was wonderful. You were a very calming, reassuring presence, very understanding of what a home "disaster" can do, not only to the house, but to the owners as well. They were professional and it was easy to see you knew what had to be done. It was a pleasure dealing with you, even in such a stressful time!

Thanks SERVPRO of Dane County West for coming to the rescue. Disposing of all of our carpet and moving fans daily so that we could save our walls from being ripped out due to a water loss that occured at our home. You guys rock!

I highly recommend your services. The technicians were very efficient and did an excellent job! Thank you so much SERVPRO of Dane County West!

I had an inch of water in my basement and it soaked everything, causing my wife & I to panic. But after a call to Jimmy at SERVPRO Dane County West, we felt confident everything would work out. After Jim and his crew cleaned up the mess and dried everything out, it was cleaner than every AND it smelled great too. Not an easy job, but they made it look that way.

I can't recommend Jim and his team at SERVPRO Dane County West enough.

"We could not have been happier with the service from SERVPRO of Dane County West. We found everyone we had the pleasure of dealing with both professional and personable. Jim walked us through the process flawlessly. His willingness to assist us with insurance certainly streamlined the 'business end', for us. He understood that having a large family meant time without a kitchen needed to be as brief as possible....and, it was. Finally, we were pleased that our budget was respected Throughout!"

We had anywhere from 2 to 6 inches of water in our basement. Awesome group of people to work with. Very patient and ready to help with everything from removing the contents from 30+ bookcases, hauling the boxes out to a POD in the driveway and back in to the house. To being there with the adjuster and just being there to help us feel calm in such a tragic time for us. Their quick response and efforts saved so many things we would have lost without. I would recommend them without hesitation.

In June 2015, our home was damaged by a tornado. We had glass everywhere. Water came in all 3 floors of our home. We called SERVPRO to clean up to avoid permanent damage to our home from the water. They arrived within several hours & worked tirelessly to mitigate water damage, cleaning up glass in our driveway, insulation and roof debris in our yard. Fans and dehumidifiers were brought in to help with all the moisture in our home. I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone.

"You guys did a great job! Thank you SERVPRO of Dane County West."

Thank you kindly for helping me through such a stressful event. Your expertise and taking the time to talk me through everything made it much more bearable. Your kindness is much appreciated!

Our sincerest thanks to Jim and his crew from SERVPRO of Dane County West for their kindness and thoughtfulness.

Good Job! Thanks SERVPRO of Dane County West!

It's been so great to have your crew here to help me. You guys have been wonderful to work with. Thank you so much. 

 You were great to work with and I would highly recommend your services!  Thank you for taking care of our house even when we couldn't be there.

Thank you for responding so fast and taking care of our mold issue.  You were a pleasure to work with.