Recent Before & After Photos

Soot Damage From Fire Loss in Verona, WI

These are before and after pictures from a fire with excessive smoke and soot damage in Verona, WI. As seen in the pictures, the shelf has visible soot damage. ... READ MORE

Toilet Overflow From Bathroom Above Leads to Water Loss in Barneveld, WI

This water loss occurred from an overflowing toilet in Barneveld, Wisconsin. Due to the nature of the water being category 3, we needed to cut the ceiling out o... READ MORE

Commercial Office Building Basement Office Floods from Sump Pump Failure

This water loss was from a sump failure at a commercial property in Madison, Wisconsin. Due to the sump failure, water affected roughly 80% of this basement lev... READ MORE

Protein Fire Loss in New Glarus, WI

This fire loss in New Glarus, WI, was due to an oven that accidentally got put into cleaning mode while there was a pizza in the oven. This led to what we refer... READ MORE

Leaky pipe from dishwasher in Middleton, WI, affects kitchen, and basement

These photos were from a water loss was in Middleton, Wisconsin, that was caused by a dishwasher leak. The water loss occurred from a leak in the line to the d... READ MORE

Target Drying Mat System Can Often Save Hardwood Floors

This was a water loss in Verona, Wisconsin resulting from an ice dam that defrosted earlier this spring. The water leaked from that ice dam outside and traveled... READ MORE

Water Loss in Fitchburg, WI from a Defective Pipe

This is a water loss in Fitchburg, Wisconsin caused by a defective pipe as seen in the before picture above. The homeowners woke up to water spraying through th... READ MORE

We Bring Water and Mold Mitigation to New Heights

SERVPRO of Dane County West Brings Water and Mold damage Mitigation to New Heights Here is a before and after of a commercial warehouse that had extensive water... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Sauk City, WI area

These are before and after pictures of a fire in the Sauk City, WI area caused by an undetermined source. This particular condo unit was the most affected unit... READ MORE

Water Damage in Oregon, WI

This water damage/water loss job in Oregon, Wisconsin, was caused by a broken waterline in the kitchen. The water ran for quite a while and ended up in the the ... READ MORE