Recent Before & After Photos

Flooded Basement from Broken Outside Water Spigot

This flooded basement in Verona, WI, was the result of a broken outside water spigot that leaked into the basement causing extensive water damage. There was a ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Madison, WI

This before and after shows water damage as a result of heavy rains in the Madison, WI area. The moisture meter in the before picture indicates extremely high m... READ MORE

Leaky Fish Tank Caused Water-Damaged Cupped Wood Floors That We Were Able to Save

This water loss occurred as a result of a leaky fish tank. The leak affected the hardwood flooring in this home, causing it to cup from the water damage. We use... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Verona, WI

This was a fire loss that occurred from faulty wiring. The fire affected about half of the entire structure and required a great deal of demolition and rebuild.... READ MORE

Electrical Fire Damage - Before & After

This was an electrical fire in Verona, WI. When fires like these start in the electrical panels from overloaded circuits or age of the panel, they can spread qu... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss in Madison, WI

This was a commercial water loss that resulted from a failed fire suppression system in Madison, WI. Approximately 50,000 ft.² was affected. We extracted t... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Monroe, WI

Water seeped into this basement in Monroe, Wisconsin causing significant damage. We had to remove some materials and we were able to save others through our dry... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration in an Apartment Complex in Verona, WI

This was a commercial water loss in Verona, Wisconsin. A sprinkler head was accidentally broken during construction of this apartment complex in Verona, WI, aff... READ MORE

Saving Hardwood Floor in Madison, WI from Washing Machine Overflow

This was water damage from a washing machine in Madison, Wisconsin. There wasn’t a great deal of water, however, it was enough to affect the hardwood floo... READ MORE

Water Damage in Middleton, WI from Broken and Leaking Pipes

This was a water loss in Middleton, WI, due to a broken water line to an outside Spigot. Quite a bit of water affected not only the carpet and pad but some wall... READ MORE