Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage in New Glarus, WI from Frozen & Broken Pipe

This water damage in New Glarus, WI was the result of a broken water pipe due to freezing temperatures. Outdoor pipes and pipes in unheated areas of the home, l... READ MORE

When Water & Sewage Damage Goes Untreated Mold Takes Over

Here is a basement that had a sewage backup that did not get mitigated in a timely matter. This created a serious mold issue. SERVPRO of Dane County West Servi... READ MORE

Water Damage In Madison, WI from Broken Refrigerator Water Line

The water damage affected the kitchen and dining room on the main level and much of the lower level. The customer had been gone for approximately five days, and... READ MORE

Sump Pump Failure in Middleton, WI

Sump pump failures are a common cause of basement floods in the Dane County, Madison, and WI areas. The sump pump in this Middleton, WI, home couldn’t kee... READ MORE

Positive COVID-19 Cleaning

This is a COVID-19 cleaning we did for one of our customers in Middleton, WI. This particular cleaning was for a confirmed case in an office building. Part of o... READ MORE

A Commercial Fire Loss in Verona, WI

This was a commercial fire loss in Verona, WI. An electrical fire caused the fire, and due to the water used to put out the fire, there was both water and fire... READ MORE

Fire Damage to 12 Apartments in Montfort, WI

This was a commercial fire loss in Montfort, WI, where twelve apartments were affected. The before picture shows one of the apartments affected by the fire loss... READ MORE

Flooded Basement from Broken Outside Water Spigot

This flooded basement in Verona, WI, was the result of a broken outside water spigot that leaked into the basement causing extensive water damage. There was a ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Madison, WI

This before and after shows water damage as a result of heavy rains in the Madison, WI area. The moisture meter in the before picture indicates extremely high m... READ MORE

Leaky Fish Tank Caused Water-Damaged Cupped Wood Floors That We Were Able to Save

This water loss occurred as a result of a leaky fish tank. The leak affected the hardwood flooring in this home, causing it to cup from the water damage. We use... READ MORE