Recent Before & After Photos

Before and After Monticello Commercial Water Loss

This was a commercial water loss in Monticello Wisconsin. Flooding due to heavy rains resulted in over 5 feet of water in the lower level of this restaurant. Al... READ MORE

Ruptured Frozen Water Pipe Floods Basement

A frozen water pipe ruptured and caused flooding in this finished basement in Verona, WI.  When a house's water pipes freeze, an 1/8-inch crack in a pipe c... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in cabin floor Argyle, WI

Mold was found on the bottom side of the decking in this log cabin home in Argyle, WI.  A protocol was established by a Hygienists (Indoor Environmental Pr... READ MORE

Leaking Toilet in Middleton WI ruins floor

A failed toilet ring leaked water for several weeks ruining the tile floor and subfloor. SERVPRO of Dane County West was able to assess the degree of contaminat... READ MORE

Water Loss from busted water pipe in Verona, WI

As seen in the before and after pictures above, this customer in Verona, WI, experienced a was a water loss from a frozen water pipe that busted. Water came fro... READ MORE

Frozen Sprinkler Line Bursts

Here is a before and after of a commercial property in Verona, WI, that experienced water damage due to a frozen sprinkler line that busted.  As part of th... READ MORE

Water Damage from a Sprinkler Head, Mt Horeb, WI

A commercial building in Mount Horeb, WI found standing water in their facility from a broken sprinkler head. Water follows the path of least resistance, findin... READ MORE

Protein Fire Mitigation

Protein fires are created by burnt foods like an unattended chicken stock left on the range. Protein fires leave considerable smoke residue and produce an espec... READ MORE

Monroe Fire Rebuild

Suspected source of fire loss was a lit candle that fell, consequently, causing extensive fire and smoke damage throughout this house in Monroe, WI, as seen in ... READ MORE

Water Damage from Water Softener in Monticello, WI

A water softener malfunctioned in Monticello, WI causing extensive damage to insulation, wall cavities, and flooring adjacent to the broken water softener. When... READ MORE